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Sophia Bush Stillness
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about the community
Hello, welcome to sophiastills, a Sophia Bush Stillness community. This community is moderated by Natalie (cutemsophia), Alex (xelanoops) and Rachel (enchantedbeat). If you have any problems, queries etc. contact one of the mods. Please read this page before joining the community, and you must be a member to participate in the icon challenges.
General rules (some rules will be altered for certain challenges)
1. You may enter up to 3 icons per challenge. Any more than that, and your entire entry will be discarded.
2. All icons must meet LJ standards - 100x100 (please no smaller than that), less than 40kb, and saved in a supported format.
3. Since this is a stillness community, all icons must be still. No mini-movies, flashing text, sparkles or anything else. You can't have animated icons.
4. You are allowed to add brushes, textures, stock, etc. as long as Sophia is in the icon.
5. Unless otherwise specified, you must use the images provided and only them. You can blend images, but they must all be the provided images.
6. Your icons need to be made specifically for the challenge i.e. not old ones from a while ago that use the same picture. Please wait until after the winners have been announced before posting them anywhere else.
7. You are allowed to have other people in the icon, as long as Sophia/her character is in it as well.
8. When entering icons, you must post the image AND the url.
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If you break any rules, your entry will be discarded and you will be let off with a warning. If you are a repeat offender, you will be asked to leave the community and/or be banned.

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